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Toto Knits

Posted by Susana Nikravesh on

Toto Knits is a collection of organic hand-made creations for babies and children. My Little Peach Children’s Boutique is now taking special orders for these beautiful hand-knitted pieces.

The cotton is grown in Uganda and hand spun in Nairobi by Kenyan women looking to gain financial independence. How great is that, you get a one of a kind product while helping a single mom support her family? In addition to it being hand spun it is dyed using bio friendly dyes and the tag is signed by the mother who made it. The women that make these are paid by the piece, this makes working and looking after their family doable because they can work as little or as much as they want/can. There is a Toto Knits workshop, where their kids are welcome, that they can meet at to knit the pieces and get guidance and advice.

Inspiration for these beautiful pieces comes from Africa and all it has to offer as well as all the cutie pies that wear them while they play and explore the world around them.

You’re little one will definitely stand out in these pieces, they are super cute and truly unique. And the best part is that they are soft, practical and affordable!

All of these one of a kind pieces are made to order so when an order is placed please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Well worth the wait!

I love the bee organic cotton sweater! Which is your favorite?


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