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Capturing The Perfect Image

Posted by Susana Nikravesh on

Every mom I know went out and bought a brand new fancy camera when they were pregnant hoping to capture perfect everyday images of their little one once they were born. This includes me!

Then they arrive and you find that it’s not so easy to capture that perfect image. To make sure I had perfect pictures capturing the delicate details of those first few days I hired Jenifer Levinson from Two Bees Photography. Talk about unforgettable images!

Check these out.

Fast forward 20 months and capturing those every day great images is still a work in progress! So I went back to Jenifer for some pointers. After all, she is one of the best newborn photographer on Long Island and most importantly has 2 adorable little guys of her own.

Here are Jenifer’s tips on how to get those great every day photos of your kids! No fancy camera necessary.

      1. Find the light... Photography is all about light and can essentially make the image
      1. Shoot at their level, that’s right get down on your knees or lay on the floor with them
      1. Engage them in something they enjoy doing. Capture memories. Think about what best represents YOUR child... soccer? Reading in their bed alone? Arts and crafts? What is it they love to do that you want to remember years from now?
      1. Forget the fake smile "cheese!” face. This can look awkward and staged. Try just talking to them to get their attention or shoot them when they are unaware.
      1. Have FUN! Shooting your own children doesn't have to be stressful. If you're not having fun, there is always tomorrow!

      I am going to be trying these over the next few days, be on the lookout for some pictures of my little princess on my Instagram account @shopmylittlepeach.

      Give these tips a shot and see how these can help transform your kid’s pictures! I would love to see how they worked for you! Post and tag @shopmylittlepeach on Instagram or Facebook.

      Check out more of Jenifer’s amazing work, visit her website, Facebook account or her Instagram account (@twobeesphotography)

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